• Joke Falls (2004) w.Subtitles
    Joke Falls (2004) w.Subtitles

    Ramesh Aravind and Sharan in a comedy film

  • Kempe Gowda (2011) w.Subtitles
    Kempe Gowda (2011) w.Subtitles

    Sudeep is a SI in a small Hubli town who takes on a big don (Ravi Shankar). Ragini and Sharan also star

  • Kiccha (2003) w.Subtitles
    Kiccha (2003) w.Subtitles

    An action drama starring Sudeep as a frustrated unemployed youth. Ajay Rao also stars

  • Preethi Madu Thamashe Nodu (1979)
    Preethi Madu Thamashe Nodu (1979)

    A comedy-romance from 1979 starring Shankar Nag, Srinath, Manjula, Padmapriya, Dwarakish and Narasimharaju

  • Kasturi Nivasa (1971) w.Subtitles
    Kasturi Nivasa (1971) w.Subtitles

    The legendary movie of Annavaru

  • My Autograph (2006)
    My Autograph (2006)

    Sudeep stars and directs a movie about an ad professional who is about to get married and decides to invite all his old friends and travels to find them

  • Kahi (2016)
    Kahi (2016)

    A movie about how different characters and their separate stories get connected together

  • Jolly Days (2009) w.Subs
    Jolly Days (2009) w.Subs

    A college movie set in an Engineering college and debut movie of Pradeep Bogadi and Aishwarya Nag and other newcomers

  • Abhimanyu (1990)
    Abhimanyu (1990)

    A political action movie starring Ravichandran and Anant Nag about an honest police officer and politician fighting against other corrupt politicians

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