• The Villain (2018)The Villain (2018)
    A thriller starring Sudeep, Shivarajkumar, Amy Jackson
  • Case No. 18/9 (2013)Case No. 18/9 (2013)
    Sindhu Lokanath, Shweta Pandit, Niranjan in a romance-drama.
  • Birbal (2019)Birbal (2019)
    A crime thriller starring Srini, Rukmini Vasant
  • Kool Sakkath Hot Maga (2011)Kool Sakkath Hot Maga (2011)
    A romantic college drama about a couple who fall in love and a look alike of one of them
  • Ekangi (2002)Ekangi (2002)
    Ravichandran and Ramya Krishnan in a movie about a crazy man who likes to live alone in a glass house
  • Beladingala Baale (1995) w.SubsBeladingala Baale (1995) w.Subs
    A chess grandmaster receives calls from a mystery woman who gives him puzzles to solve before she agrees to meet him
  • Chamak (2017)Chamak (2017)
    A gynecologist marries an MBA graduate due to family pressure but both find some surprising facts about the other
  • Crazy Loka (2012)Crazy Loka (2012)
    A successful uneducated businessman goes back to study in college starring Ravichandan, Harshika, Daisy
  • Prema Aparadhi (1999)Prema Aparadhi (1999)
    Adult crime story
  • Ninnindale (2014) w.SubsNinnindale (2014) w.Subs
    Puneeth Rajkumar and Erica Fernandes star in a romance set in New York about two friends who become romantically involved
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