• Tony (2013)
    Tony (2013)

    Srinagar Kitty and Aindrita Ray in a thriller about a young man who wakes up near Majestic bus stand and ordered to do tasks till evening by a stranger

  • Orata I Love You (2007)
    Orata I Love You (2007)

    An gangster love story about a rowdy Varadha starring debutants Prashanth and Soumya

  • Bullet Basya (2015)
    Bullet Basya (2015)

    Sharan and Haripriya in a comedy set in a village about a rich and corrupt panchayat president

  • No 73 Shanthi Nivasa (2007) w.Subtitles
    No 73 Shanthi Nivasa (2007) w.Subtitles

    Sudeep plays a cook who comes to work for a family led by an old man who constantly have small problems with each other

  • Goa (2015)
    Goa (2015)

    A comedy film starring Komal, Tarun Chandra, Sharmila Mandre, Sonu Gowda about three friends from a village who decide to go to Goa to change their lives

  • Sangliyana (1988) w.Subtitles
    Sangliyana (1988) w.Subtitles

    Ambareesh and Shankar Nag in an action movie about a town which is ruled by a corrupt MLA and his son

  • Bombaat (2008)
    Bombaat (2008)

    A local tough guy Ganesh falls in love with the daughter of the Police Commissioner Ramya who mistakes him as a rowdy

  • Drishya (2014) w.Subtitles
    Drishya (2014) w.Subtitles

    A cable company owner's simple life is destroyed when a crime is committed and the police suspect him and his family

  • Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma (1986) w.Subtitles
    Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma (1986) w.Subtitles

    Rajkumar and Madhavi star in a comedy-romance about unemployed people desperate to earn money by any methods

  • Kanaka (2018)
    Kanaka (2018)

    Duniya Vijay, Haripriya and Manvitha in an action movie about an auto driver who does not tolerate any insult to his state or language

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