Abhimani (2009)


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Year: 2009

Directed by: Praveen Engineer
Starring: Rahul, Nidhi Subbaiah, Sharath Babu, Rangayana Raghu, Srinath, Tara, Chithra Shenoy

Sarath Babu and his wife Tara are a happily married couple and are expecting their first child. Sarath who is a teacher hopes it will be a baby girl while Tara wants a son. She is a small singer and hopes her son will became a great singer like her idol Rajkumar. A baby son is born and delivered by family friend Srinath but during the delivery due to complications, Tara cannot be saved and dies. Though Sarath is depressed he brings up his son Muthu without making him miss his mother. Muthu grows up and naturally desires to be a singer and keeps a statue of Rajkumar which was a gift from his mother as his inspiration. He starts pursuing his ambition and goes on many tours to different cities.

Srinath gets a baby girl a year after Muthu was born and she (Nidhi) and Muthu grow up as close friends and the families plan to get them married. Nidhi is a fun loving girl in contrast to the serious Muthu and keeps playing pranks on him to embarrass him. Once, while Muthu is touring the bus meets with an accident and Muthu is in hospital. The rest of the movie is about whether Muthu can fulfil his dreams and Nidhi’s role in his ambitions.

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