Amar (2019)

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Directed by: Nagshekar
Starring: Abhishek Ambareesh, Tanya Hope, Sadhu Kokila, Chikkanna, Sudharani, Devaraj, Deepak Shetty. Spl Appearance: Darshan

Amar is a rich young man who spends his time in pubs and with friends. But most of his friends think he is arrogant and feel his money came to him easily and through illegal methods. Amar doesn’t try to change their thinking and spends his time drinking instead. One day he sees a video message containing a woman dressed like a nun walking. We then see in flashback Amar’s story from college, when he was a passionate bike rider.

A biker girl Tanya pushes Amar off the road one day on his way to college and they get into a fight. Later the two of them go on a bike expedition to plant trees and slowly become close after lots of fights with each other. But there are twists waiting for the couple…