Amruthavarshini (1997) w.subtitles


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Directed by: Dinesh Baboo
Starring: Ramesh Aravind, Suhasini, Sharath Babu, Tara, Nivedita Jain, Ramakrishna

Hemanth (Sharath Babu) and Veena (Suhasini) are a happily married couple who are also well off. Veena is a very positive and cheerful person who always finds happiness in everything. One day, Abhishek (Ramesh) arrives at their house. He is an old friend of Hemanth and a famous writer and poet. But he is going through depression after facing a personal tragedy due to the loss of his girlfriend Shruti (Nivedita). He has come to spend time with his friend to try and forget the past. But as he interacts with Veena more and more, he begins to find many similarities between Veena and his old girlfriend. Slowly he becomes obsessed with Veena and begins to believe she is Shruti….

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