Avale Nanna Gelathi (2004)


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Directed by: Om Saiprakash
Starring: Vijay Raghavendra, Rakshitha, Devaraj, Vishal Hegde, Ashitha, Avinash, Gazar Khan, Tennis Krishna, Bank Janardhan

Akash (Vijay Raghavendra) is an arrogant rich boy and is the don of his college. Even the lecturers and principal are scared of him and follow all his instructions. Akash’s power is from his father (Avinash) who is a very rich businessman and controls the college apart from many other businesses in the city.

Akash and his friends enjoy ragging juniors and are cruel to them. Vasu also studies in the same college and tries to advise Akash when he is being too harsh. One day, Amritha (Rakshita) joins the college. She is a simple middle-class girl and when Akash sees her clothes, he makes fun of it and cuts it into a short dress. This makes Amritha cry…

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