Balina Jyothi (1996)


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Directed by: T Kranthikumar
Starring: Vishnuvardhan, Amani, Vinaya Prasad, Master Arun, Dwarakish, Rekhadas, Srinivasamurthy

Vishwa lives alone and is a depressed drunkard who has led a tragic life. His wife Jyothi is at a mental hospital and spends the whole day taking care of a doll which she treats as her own baby. But Vishwa is devoted to her and visits her everyday to make sure she eats her food.

Vishwa’s elder brother and wife (Vinaya Prasad) have a daughter Shobha who is getting ready to join her husband in the US with her son. They are planning to settle down permanently there and her father tells her they will be visiting Vishwa before she leaves. This upsets Shobha who is contemptuous of her uncle because she thinks he is nothing but a drunkard. When they arrive at Vishwa’s house, Shobha is rude to him but he treats her gently and with love. That night, she overhears Vishwa talking to his brother where he refers to Shobha as his daughter. This shocks her and she confronts her parents to find out the truth about who her real biological parents are. The story is told in flashback and explains how Vishwa ended up leading the life he leads now…

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