Bullet Basya (2015)


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Year: 2015

Directed by: Jayatheertha
Starring: Sharan, Haripriya, Rangayana Raghu, Tabla Nani, Girija Lokesh, Sadhu Kokila, Ramesh Bhat, Girish Shivanna, Prashanth Siddi

Basya is the Panchayat president of a village called Singapura and also the richest man in the village. His family have been controlling the village by money lending at high interest. But they also distribute money for votes and to make the villagers happy. Basya using bribes to the MLA and other Government officers and pockets all the money supposed to be for development.

There is one more reason for the family’s generosity. Weakness for women is a tradition in Basya’s family. His great great grandfather had 27 wives and Basya himself doesn’t know who is related to him in the village. He has a mole on his back and uses it to identify his potential relatives 🙂

Muthu is a simple villager who looks exactly like Basya. His relative (Haripriya) is staying with him after she lost her family. Their marriage was fixed when they were children and plans have begun for the real marriage in a few days. However, Basya sees her near the temple and falls in love with her and decides she is going to be his future wife. To make sure this happens he does all kind of things to get rid of Muthu and win her.

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