Charlie (2015)


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Directed by: Shiva
Starring: Krishna, Vaishali Deepak, Milana Nagaraj, Sharath Lohitashwa, Spl Appearance: Gurunandan

Cheluvanarayana Swamy lives in a middle class colony in Chamrajpet. He is an orphan and everyone calls him by his nickname Charlie. He does odd jobs and is well-liked by everyone.

Once when he goes to Hampi, he comes across Vaishali Deepak who is being treated very badly by her father. Charlie likes her and so helps her escape to Bengaluru where she joins a college. Charlie soon realizes his feelings for her are strong and decides to get married to her. But to his shock, she has fallen in love with someone else. There is a love triangle angle when Milana Nagaraj who goes tot he same college as Vaishali falls in love with Charlie…

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