Crazy Kutumba (2010)


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Directed by: B Ramamurthy
Starring: Anant Nag, Ramesh Aravind, Sanatani, M S Umesh, Jai Jagadish, Karibasavaiah, Bank Janardhan

Shankara (Ramesh) is a mechanic who dreams of inventing a way to reduce fuel consumption. He lives in a small town in Belgaum with his wife (Sanatani) and daughter. His father Mallappa (Anant Nag) is a drunkard and his younger brother is obsessed with becoming a wrestler. Shankara also has a troublesome brother-in-law who is a thief. The whole family decides to travel to the city of Bengaluru when Shankara’s daughter is selected to participate in a dance competition …

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