D/O Parvathamma (2019)


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Directed by: Shankar J
Starring: Haripriya, Sumalatha Ambareesh, Suraj Gowda, Prabhu Mundkur, Taranga Vishwa, Joe Simon, Sridhar Kesari

A young doctor Ahalya is found dead near a ring road. The police are not able to solve the case and the medical report has said her death was due to suicide. But many people suspect Ahalya was murdered. The media keeps talking about the case and so after a couple of weeks the Home Minister is frustrated and decides to transfer the case to the CID.

Vaidehi is a well-known CID officer who doesn’t care about politicians or powerful people interfering in cases. So her boss hands over the Ahalya case to her and asks her to investigate it. Vaidehi is the daughter of Parvathamma (Sumalatha) and has a younger sister. From when she was young she was always getting into fights with boys and not tolerating any nonsense from them. In college she was thrown out of tuition class for beating up boys who misbehaved with her. Her female friends in class tie rakhi on her because they feel she is like an elder brother who protects them in college.

Vaidehi fell in love with Ananthu (Suraj Gowda) but their love story ended in a tragedy. Now when Vaidehi sees the Ahalya case, it reminds her of her past and she is determined to solve it.

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