Dandupalya (2012)


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Directed by: Srinivas Raju
Starring: Pooja Gandhi, Raghu Mukherjee, Priyanka Kothari, Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Shankar, Sudharani

Dandupalya is based on the real life story of the dreaded Dandupalya gang that terrorized Bangalore. The gang was large and had around 30 people. They were poor and didn’t make much money from their crimes. For them, crime had become natural and many believe they were really mentally unstable and psychotic people who enjoyed killing and torturing people. They were led by a woman played by Pooja Gandhi who would study houses in a locality where women were alone at home. She would go and ask them for some water and when they went inside, the rest of the gang would enter and kill the woman.

Ravi Shankar plays a policeman who takes up the job of tracking the gang and arresting them. The movie was a huge hit and Pooja Gandhi’s performance was widely appreciated.

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