Eradane Maduve (2010) w.Subtitles


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Directed by: Dinesh Babu
Starring: Anant Nag, Suhasini, Prem Kumar, Jennifer Kotwal, Tara, Rangayana Raghu, Sharan, Navya, Sindhu

Vishwanath (Anant Nag) was a government official working in the Lok Ayukta. He was caught taking bribes and this was broadcast on TV channels and so he is now on suspension. He denies the story and keeps insisting that he was set up but no one including his family believes him. His family consists of his wife (Suhasini), three daughters and brother-in-law. They all are ashamed of him now and he has been given the task of doing all the jobs at home like ironing, cooking and cleaning.

After getting frustrated with the way he is treated at home, Vishwanath decides to teach everyone a lesson by pretending to have an affair with a young woman…

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