How to search for movies?
See the Menu (in desktop Menu is on top, in mobile tap on the three lines menu button)
In the Menu there are different options like Movie name, Actor name, Year and Genre (Action, Comedy etc)

How to watch?
There are two video players for each movie. Player 1, Player 2.
Player 1 will sometimes take 30 secs to start playing, but after that it will play with almost no buffering or getting cut in between. For Player 2, click on the grey color bar and a dropdown with Player 2 will appear. This is a second option in case you’re having problems with Player 1.

I clicked on the play button but the video is not starting. There is some ad?
Sometimes, a video ad might play before the movie starts. We can’t control this and it is usually only 10 seconds long 🙂

What does w.Subs mean next to some movie titles?
These movies have subtitles. For a couple of movies, only Player 2 has subtitles. In such cases, we will mention on Player 2 that it is the one with subtitles. The easiest way to find which movies have subtitles is to go to the Movie List page and look for all the titles with w.Subs at the end of their names.

Why have you put subtitles, it’s irritating/ why no subtitles for all the movies?
One of the users suggested that it will be helpful for hearing impaired people. Also we have received requests from people who don’t understand Kannada to add subtitles when it is possible.

Why don’t you post latest movies?
We usually only post good quality movies mostly HD and many are DVD copies. Even if we get a copy of a new movie, we will NOT post it when it is still running in theaters.

How to download movies on this site?
We don’t offer direct download links. Only streaming – you can only watch the video 🙁

Why have you removed comments section?
Only 1 or 2 comments on the full site was about the movie. The rest was spam or requests which becomes difficult to manage. So we removed it 🙁

Why is some browsers not working?
Some browsers are not supported by the player. The most common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari will always work without any problem.

Please post other language movies.
Other language movies might be equal or better than Kannada movies but this site is meant for people who are interested in watching Kannada movies that they missed when it came in theaters.

Why are you not posting more movies fast
We are a small team and maintain the site in our free time. So please understand 🙂

I sent you a mail and did not get any response
We try our best to respond but sometimes there are so many mails and if it is about requests we add it to a queue and usually will not reply to you.


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