Gang Leader (2010)

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Directed by: Ramesh Raj
Starring: Adi Lokesh, Devaraj, Madhupriya, Yamini Sharma, Rangayana Raghu, Kishore, Sudharani, Dharma, Simran Khan, Premalatha

A criminal Adi is being escorted to court by the police for his trial. But outside, a huge crowd has gathered protesting his arrest and demanding his release. When the trial begins Adi’s lawyer explains to the judge that all the cases of violence and murder against Adi are true but were targeting criminals who were troubling normal people. She tries to explain how a college-going boy like Adi ended up coming to trial for murder.

Adi is being taken care of by his elder sister (Sudharani). She is very concerned about him because he has a hot temper and gets into fights easily. She hopes that the new college he joins will make him concentrate only on studies and avoid fights. But when Adi goes on the first day, he sees an arrogant student Madhu who has rowdies as bodyguards beating up a student for passing a cheap comment against her….