Hendthigelthini (1998)


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Directed by: Dinesh Babu
Starring: Vishnuvardhan, Suhasini, Tara, Ramakrishna, Kashi, B V Radha, Thara, Pavithra Lokesh, Jyothi, Vanishree, Bullet Prakash,

Vishnuvardhan and Radha (Suhasini) are a happily married couple. He goes to office everyday and flirts with all the women in his office. Radha knows about this and they have small fights about this almost everyday with Radha throwing him out of their bedroom at night as punishment. Vishnu is shocked how much Radha knows about all his flirting and feels someone is giving all his information to her. But otherwise they’re happy.

One morning a young woman Seetha (Tara) comes to their house. When Vishnu sees her he is excited and happy and starts chatting with her. She tells him that a family friend sent her. Vishnu invites her in and treats her like a special guest but gets a shock when Radha tells him that Seetha has been sent there as a cook. She tells her to start her work in the kitchen and warns Vishnu that he should stay away from Seetha and behave decently….

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