Huliraya (2017)


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Directed by: Aravind Kaushik
Starring: Balu Nagendra, Divya Uruduga

Aravind Kaushik, the director of Huliraya, directed Rakshit Shetty’s debut film Nam Areal Ondina. Huliraya was also distributed by Rakshit’s company.

It is the story of Huliraaya, who lives in the forest with his mother. He has had no contact with the city world and is quite happy living a jungle life. However, his mother forces him to go into the city to get a job. The movie follows the problems faced by a person who grew up in the forests when he suddenly comes into the big city. Huliraya has basic problems to deal with like not knowing how to count or refusing to work under a boss because he has been so used to an independent life in the jungles. Out of desperation he decides to use illegal methods to earn a living and gets involved in a dramatic plot involving ransom.

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