Humble Politician Nograj (2018)


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Year: 2018

Directed by: Saad Khan
Starring: Danish Sait, Roger Narayan, Sruthi Hariharan. Spl Appearance: Puneeth Rajkumar

A comedy film with Danish Sait who became famous on the internet because of his funny prank calls and comedy roles with the RCB cricket team.

Danish Sait plays one of his famous characters, Nograj, a corrupt and dishonest politician who is a corporator but wants to become the MLA. The MLA is even worse than him and Nograj is successful in removing him from power. But the party bosses refuse to immediately give Nograj a MLA election ticket and instead ask him to first become popular with the public. Nograj uses all kinds of dirty tricks to buy votes and is worried about his opposition candidate Patil (Roger Narayan) who is an honest NRI trying to do good in Bengaluru. Nograj uses all kinds of fake stories and tactics to make the media give Roger a bad name. In a comedy twist, Nograj is attracted to Patil…

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