Iruvudellava Bittu (2018)

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Year: 2018
Directed by: Kantha Kannalli
Starring: Meghana Raj, Thilak, Srimahadev, Achyuth Kumar, Aruna Balaraj, Abhishek Rayanna

Akash grew up as an orphan and now is a young independent man. He has his own shop selling dolls and other toys. His obsession with dolls began as a young child, when a rich man visited his orphanage and gifted him a doll. Now, even his bedroom is filled with dolls and he has a monkey doll whom he is very close to, and keeps talking to as if it is a real friend.

Akash spends the whole day at his shop trying to attract customers and carrying out repairs on his dolls. He tries to be happy with his life and works hard to earn his living. One night while driving back home, he sees a young woman Purvi step out of her car and prepare to kill herself. Akash tries to get her attention to stop her and in the process is hit by a passing car. This causes Purvi to change her mind about suicide and she takes him to a nearby hospital.

When Akash wakes up he realizes he has fractures but is otherwise ok. But he feels better when he sees the attractive Purvi standing nearby and she is introduced as the person who saved his life…