Jani (2017)


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Year: 2017

Directed by: P. K. H. Das
Starring: Vijay Raghavendra, Janani Maria Antony, Rangayana Raghu, Milana Nagaraj, Suman, Shobhraj, Sadhu Kokila

Jani is a thief who with the help of his partner likes to steal cars. They cheat a sales showroom and escape with a Mercedes Benz. On the way, they stop for a break and suddenly a bomb explosion destroys the car. Later they learn that the car was supposed to be delivered to Shetty, a politician. When they meet Shetty they are scared about stealing his car but he is instead impressed and offers Jani money as a reward. Jani refuses this and asks him to provide drinking water to his area. A few days later when Shetty is jogging on the beach, a gang of men attack and try to kill him but Jani once again saves him. This makes Jani closer to Shetty who plans a future alliance with him for his daughter. But Shetty’s life is at risk because one of his close associates is behind all these murder plots. How will Jani get involved in all these forms the rest of the plot.

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