Jeevana Tharanga (2008)

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Directed by: Jayaant
Starring: Chethan, Ganashree, Shivaram, C. R. Simha, Bank Janardhan

Narayana Rao and Satyavanth Rao are two old men who want to make money in any methods possible. Satyavanth has left his family in the village and come to the city after promising to only return back after making lots of money.

Both of them come to a park one day looking for people whom they can make use of. They see Kuber Rao, a rich man looking nervous. They both approach him but are told by Kuber to leave him alone. Kuber has come to the park because his daughter has pretended that she has been kidnapped and has demanded 5 lakhs.

Meanwhile, Balu is a unemployed man who is badly in need of money. After a failed job interview, he is approached by a man who says he will give him 5 lakhs if he makes the daughter of Kuber Rao fall in love with him…

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