Jodi No. 1 (2009)


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Directed by: Abhijith
Starring: Abhijith, Ramkumar, Ramesh Bhat, Ravi Chethan, Sangeetha Shetty, Amrutha

Puttuswamy lives with his wife and two sons. He has named his sons Raj and Kumar because he is a big Rajkumar fan. When he is at home, he likes to spend it watching old Rajkumar songs and movies. His wife gets irritated with his obsession and is always grumbling. The two sons are grown up but don’t have any sense of responsibility and like to spend their time roaming with their friends. Puttuswamy keeps advising them to take up a job in the company he works in but they keep delaying saying they won’t work for anybody and want to start something on their own.

Puttuswamy is appreciated in his company by his boss for being a sincere and hardworking employee and he is known for his honesty to the company. One day though he is sick he decides to go to the office because he has promised to give his friend a loan of Rs. 5000. His wife convinces him to let the sons take the money and he sends it with Raj. On the way, Raj sees a girl he had earlier met and liked being abused by a crowd because she caused an accident. Raj intervenes and pays the accident victim with the money given by his father. Though this problem is solved soon, other bigger troubles arrive for the family…

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