Joke Falls (2004) w.Subtitles


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Directed by: Ashok Patil
Starring: Ramesh Aravind, Neethu, Deepali, Sharan, Sudha Belawadi

Anant Patil (Ramesh Aravind) is a Botany professor who teaches in a college near Jog Falls. He is well known and has written many books which are used by students of Botany around Karnataka. He loves his subject and roams around the forests studying the trees and plants and trying to use this knowledge for creating different treatments. His latest creation is a treatment for baldness. The caretaker of the local guest house is his friend and an old man and one day when he tells Anant about his grandson who is sick in the village, Anant tells him to go visit him and that he will manage the guest house in the meantime. Soon after the old man leaves, a group of botany students come to stay there. So he disguises himself and they all think he is the mali. One of them is a young girl who is a big fan of Anant Patil’s books, but Anant doesn’t reveal his identity. On the last day when the girls are about to leave, the real caretaker comes back and Anant’s true identity is discovered. But the two become friends and a romance develops leading to comedy situations involving Sharan later on.

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    Many requests for old Ramesh movies. We couldn’t get some of the requests but will add them whenever we get them 🙂

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