Kaliyuga Krishna (1990)


Directed by: Pervodi
Starring: Kashinath, Amrutha, Tara, Sudheer, Sihikahi Chandru, Doddanna, Lohithashwa

Vikram (Kashinath) is a rich man whose parents have died. He is a newsreader on a Kannada news channel but his main job is having affairs with girls. He has multiple affairs and doesn’t believe in marriage or love and thinks that women are only interested in a man’s money and properties. His worker Bhat is tired of hearing abuse from ex-girlfriends on the phone and wishes Vikram will change his ways.

Srinivas is Vikram’s friend from Mysore and he visits him with a marriage proposal but Vikram laughs at him and rejects the proposal. They then get to know that an old neighbor from Davanagere has shifted to the city. Vikram is immediately interested in this news because he had his eye on the man’s daughter Jyothi. He immediately forces Srinivas to go and visit the odl family friends….