Kuchiku Kuchiku (2018)

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Year: 2018
Directed by: D Rajendra Babu
Starring: Jayaram Karthik, Praveen Tej, Nakshathra, Sumithra, Ramesh Bhat, Vijay Koundinya, Sundarraj, Karthik, Shailaja Joshi

Shashi, a young bike racer crashes during a race in the final lap and succumbs to his injuries. His brother Siddharth (Jayaram) can’t bear to see his brother dead and goes into depression as he had always been worried that such a situation would one day happen.

A friend of his reminds him that there is a race coming up and asks him to call his old friend Datta. Datta and Siddharth used to be best of friends but due to some misunderstandings and circumstances they split up. Now Siddharth goes searching for him and finds that Datta has become a drunkard though earlier he never used to touch drinks. Datta then narrates his story of how he ended up the way he is today ….

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