Life Jothe Ond Selfie (2018)


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Year: 2018

Directed by: Dinakar S
Starring: Prem Kumar, Prajwal Devaraj, Haripriya, Sudharani, Sadhu Kokila, Chithra Shenoy, Deepak Shetty Spl Appearance: Dhananjay

Nakul (Prem) is a techie whose real passion is to be a director. He hasn’t completed a project assigned to him and has instead been attending talks and shows involving films. When his boss shouts at him, he quits and comes home only to find his mother has arranged a proposal for him. At this point, he decides that he has been living his life for others and now onward will follow his dreams. He takes a bus to Goa to relax for a while before changing career. While at the beach he meets Rashmi (Haripriya) who is desperately searching for a beer to overcome a hangover. The two become friends and head for a late night party where Rashmi gets into a fight with the DJs for not playing any Kannada songs. That night things become more intense and Varun comes into the scene to help. The three become friends and hang out together. Slowly they learn each other’s stories and what each of them was looking for when they came alone to Goa. Their friendship now goes beyond just taking a selfie together…

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