Mantram (2017) w.Subtitles


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Year: 2017
Directed by: Sajjan S.S.
Starring: Pallavi Raju, Shamanth Shetty, Akshatha

A drunk security guard buys a chicken biryani and is about to eat it when he is attacked by a demon. Similar such incidents showing proof of ghosts are shared on Facebook and other social media and a TV channel tries to highlight the issue. After a debate with experts the channel decides to make a program about whether ghosts exist and whether there is life after death.

Four friends staying in the city spend their time with each other in the usual way. When their vacation comes and they are getting to leave to their native places, one of them says he is not going back. When the friends ask him the reason he explains that he lives in his village with his father, mother, sisters and uncles. Recently one of his sisters was getting married. On the wedding night some strange things happened in the house and she has ended up getting possessed by a demon and even tried to kill he husband. The friends decide to cancel their trips to their homes and instead help their friend in investigating what has happened…

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