Mavana Magalu (1965)

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Directed by: S K A Chari
Starring: Jayalalitha, Kalyankumar, K S Ashwath, T N Balakrishna, Narasimharaju, Shivaram, Vasanthi, Jayashree

Mahadevappa is a rich man living in the city with his wife, son and daughter. His mother is also staying with them but regularly has problems with his wife. Mahadeva’s wife feels her mother-in-law is poisoning her children against her and the children also like their grandmother instead of their mother.

Mahadeva has a sister Girijamma who lives in the village. At a young age she had fallen in love with someone and married him against her brother’s wishes. Since then Girija is not welcome in Mahdeva’s house. Girija is now a widow and very sick living with her son. Mahadeva’s mother requests him to forgive his sister and she decides to visit Girija. She takes her grandchildren also with her. In the village, Girija says her wish is that one day her son Chandru and her brother’s daughter Saroja will be married. Seeing her sickness, her mother takes a decision to do a child marriage of the two children in the village. When the ceremony is about to be over, Mahadeva arrives there and is very angry and takes away his children with him saying he can forgive his sister for anything but can’t agree to such a marriage….

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