Mr. Garagasa (2008)

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Directed by: Dinesh Babu
Starring: Anant Nag, Komal Kumar, Aishwarya, Sudharani, Vanishree, Lakshmi Hegde, Ramesh Bhat, Pavithra Lokesh, Pawan Kumar

Parthasarathy (Anant Nag) is a Kannada film producer. His daughter Teju is studying in college and likes to spend her time in coffee shops more than in college. Teju keeps on emotionally blackmailing Partha because her mother died many years back and he married again recently. Though Partha tries to make Teju accept his new wife Madhavi as her mother, she refuses. Madhavi and Teju keep fighting and Partha is caught in between them.

Muniya is a young writer who hopes to break into the film industry. He comes to the city and keeps begging everyone he meets for a chance. One man refers him to Partha and gives Muniya his address. Meanwhile, Partha and Madhavi are having a fight about Teju and he falls down accidentally and injures his back. While Partha is being treated by his doctor, Muniya arrives at his house…

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