Nam Anna Don (2012)


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Directed by: Ramesh Aravind
Starring: Ramesh Aravind, Mona Parvaresh, Achyuth Kumar, Sanathini, Raju Thalikoti

Nam Anna Don is a comedy movie about Arjun (Ramesh), a cardiologist, who believes that patients who come to his hospital should be given the best treatment whether or not they have money to pay their bills. So he is always on the lookout for donations to fund their treatments and especially that of children.

Malu (Mona) is in love with Arjun and is a free-spirited girl who keeps getting into small kinds of trouble. Arjun also likes Malu but has professional problems with Malu’s brother Sripada (Achyuth Kumar) who is dead against their relationship. Sripada is a Doctor but is more interested in making money and gaining power. He has big plans on becoming the president of a club and spending lots of the funds on making the club posh but Arjun comes in the way and instead suggests that the funds should be used for treatment of children. This makes Sripada even more angry and he tries to create problems for Arjun by spreading fake news that Arjun will be conducting free operations for anyone who comes to him.

Meanwhile, Malu gets into a problem with a underworld don and this causes more comedy scenes.

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