Nam Areal Ondina (2010)


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Directed by: Arvind Kaushik
Starring: Anish Tejeshwar, Meghana Gaonkar, Rakshit Shetty

The debut film of Rakshit Shetty, though he is not the lead hero in it. Meghna Gaonkar and Anish Tejeshwar also debuted in it.

Anish Tejeshwar is Chinna, a irresponsible fellow with no aim or purpose. He spends his time getting into fights until he one day meets Chinnu played by Meghana Gaonkar. They fall in love but Chinnu puts the condition that Chinna must first get a good job and proper salary so that she can speak with her family and ask them to agree to their relationship.

Chinna makes the money but soon Chinnu discovers the actual job that Chinna is doing to earn the money. She is disappointed. Into their complicated relationship comes Rakshit Shetty who leaves Chinnu confused about what she should do with her life and the choices she should make.

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