Nam Gani B.Com Pass (2019)


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Directed by: Abhishek Shetty
Starring: Abhishek Shetty, Aishani Shetty, Natya Ranga, Pallavi Gowda, Goutham Koushik, Suchendra Prasad, Sudha Belawadi

What are the pressures society and family can put on an unemployed young man? Nam Gani B.Com Pass tries to deal with this.

Gani has not been able to get a fulltime job despite finishing his degree three years ago. He keeps getting taunted by neighbors and family members. Gani tries different small jobs but they always result in him getting more humiliated. Finally, he takes a bold decision but this also results in failure. Gani is forced to then take a drastic decision about his life – at this point a new person enters his life. Will this change Gani’s life finally….

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