Nanjundi Kalyana (1989) w.Subtitles

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Directed by: M S Rajashekar
Starring: Raghavendra Rajkumar, Malashri, Sundar Krishna Urs, Thoogudeepa Srinivas, Lokesh, Girija Lokesh

Shankarappa is a respected man in his village living with his wife and son Raghuchandra. On the day of Gowri habba, his wife receives a money order gift from her brother. This reminds Shankarappa of his younger sister who was separated from him many years ago. That night he gets a heart attack. After recovering in the hospital he tells Raghu the story that has been troubling him for years. Shankarappa lost his parents early and so he and his sister Seetha were very close. Many years later, during a case in the village, Shankarappa testified against Seetha’s husband because he couldn’t bear to lie. This angered his brother-in-law who immediately left the village taking Seetha and their daughter.

Shankarappa and Seetha had planned that their children would be married when they grew up. So now, Raghu promises his father that he will find Seetha and bring the two families together. He then leaves the village searching for his aunt…

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