Obavva (2011)


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Directed by: Anand P Raju
Starring: Ayesha, Deepak, Doddarange Gowda, Shravanth, Shobhraj, Petrol Prasanna, Bullet Prakash

Some notorious rowdies who have killed honest government officials are beaten up by Obavva (Ayesha). But Obavva was not always daring like this. We see in flashback how she became Obavva. She is a fun loving girl who likes to play cricket with neighboring children and whose parents love her. Badri is a neighbor and autodriver who works for her father and Obavva is in love with him. They are getting ready for marriage soon.

Meanwhile, a dreaded underworld don Devaraj is creating chaos in the city. When police officers oppose his work, he does not hesitate to kill them on the public road. Some of Devaraj’s rowdies have an eye on Obavva’s father’s properties. They threaten him to vacate the place soon or face he consequences. Obavva is scared and tells Badri about the situation. Without fear, Badri confronts the rowdies and fights them. During the fight, he is killed and his body thrown on the road. Obavva goes into a state of shock and becomes fully silent. Then one day while she is remembering her days with Badri something strange happens ….

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