Olave Jeevana Lekkachara (2009)


Directed by: Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar
Starring: Srinagar Kitty, Radhika Pandit, Daisy Bopanna, Rangayana Raghu, Mandya Ramesh, Ninasam Ashwath

Rukmini (Radhika Pandit) is a young girl living in Halekote with her father who owns a shop. Rukmini’s mother died when she was young and she misses her love. Her father is very strict and stingy and only cares about his business. So one day he tells Rukmini that because she has failed her exams she can’t enjoy life anymore and should start working in the shop. Though she begs him saying loafers keep visiting and troubling her, he doesn’t care.

Meanwhile Balu is a poor student studying in a college in Halekote. He is very impressed by his lecturer (Rangayana Raghu) who claims to be a revolutionary and teaches different theories on philosophies. When Balu is thrown out of his house for not paying rent, he comes up with a plan with the help of Rukmini to cheat her father and stay in their house free of cost. Rukmini is madly in love with Balu and thinks love can overcome any problem. How will the couple’s story unfold…