Onthara Bannagalu (2018)


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Directed by: Sunil Bhimrao
Starring: Kiran Srinivas, Hitha Chandrashekar, Sonu Gowda, Pratap Narayan, Praveen Pugalia, Sadhu Kokila, Sharath Lohithashwa, Datthathreya, Tennis Krishna, Suchendra Prasad

Three friends Jai, Ram and Shri are young working professionals in Bengaluru city. Every morning during the weekdays they feel exhausted waking up to some new pressures from their work. Whatever they do, the work and pressures keeps on increasing. Finally Ram can’t take it anymore and calls his friends asking them to go on a trip. Though initially the other two are not keen because of not being able to get leave, they finally agree. The three decide to go to Badami, Hubli and Mangaluru which are their individual choices. But when Shri and Jai go to pick up Ram, they see that his brought his friend Hitha also. Soon her roommate Janaki also joins them and they all head out together for a break from their lives…

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