Puttakkana Highway (2011) w.Subs


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Directed by: B. Suresha
Starring: Shruti, Prakash Raj, Achyuth Kumar, Sathish Ninasam, Mandya Ramesh

A National Award winning movie, written by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar, Puttakkana Highway deals with the topic of land deals and the government acquiring the land of farmers.

Bislahalli is a small village and the people who live there are poor farmers. One day, the government announces that they will be building a State Highway running through the village. The process of land acquisition begins and many farmers are disappointed and scared about their future. Some of them like Achyuth Kumar take this as an opportunity to improve their lives and he decides to open a Highway hotel.

But there are others like Puttakka for whom there are connections to the land they own. Puttakka’s husband is buried in the four acres of land that she owns and she refuses to give up her land. To protest against the government decision, she decides to travel and meet the Chief Minister. But she instead runs into more problems and returns to find a shocking change at her home.

Puttakkana Highway won the national award for Best Regional Cinema for its story about farmers who suffer when their land is taken away so that the rest of us can enjoy development of our cities and roads.

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