….Re (2016)


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Year: 2016
Directed by: Sunil Kumar Desai
Starring: Ramesh Aravind, Anant Nag, Harshika Poonacha, Suman, Ramesh Bhat, Shivaram, Loknath, Tennis Krishna

Paapu (Ramesh) comes from Sringeri to Bengaluru to participate in a show called World You Know hosted by a TV channel called Rainbow TV. When he enters their office, he is mistaken for somebody else by Parvati (Harshika) who works there. Through this accidental meeting, Parvati has an instant liking for him. After filling in his details, Paapu is told to find a house to stay until he is called for the auditions.

As he’s leaving, he notices Parvati has dropped her ID card and goes running after her to return it. After a lot of difficulty Paapu manages to return it and drops her to her house. By now it is raining and Parvati who lives with her family in a big house forces him to stay that night in their guest house. Her whole family is friendly to him and he is surprised especially when he finds the guest house is a huge mansion. That night, he is shocked when several ghosts start talking to him. These ghosts are friendly and reveal that they are actually his relatives and ancestors. They explain to him why they have appeared and what his role is in helping them gain peace…

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