Riktha (2017)


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Year: 2017

Directed by: Amruth Kumar T M
Starring: Sanchari Vijay, Vagdevi Advika (Advika Kanagal), Ramya Varshini

Sanchari lives in a village and while at the temple he bumps into a girl there and becomes interested in her immediately. After this incident, on multiple occasions he keeps bumping into her in several places before he finally forces a meeting with her one day and tells her he loves her. She asks him for one day’s time to think about his proposal. But after several day’s of waiting when she does not return to meet him, Sanchari goes in search of her and finds out that she has left the village.

This depresses him and he gets drunk one night and accidentally falls into an open pit in the fields. A couple of drunk workers passing by decide to fill up the pit and don’t notice Sanchari sleeping inside it and so he is buried alive.

Some time later a girl who looks similar to the earlier girl is shooting for a horror movie. But the actress who is playing a ghost in the movie starts acting strangely and the crew realize something is wrong with the set and that it might be haunted. They quickly escape from there but run into further problems and eventually Sanchari’s ghost encounters them and and the girl he’d originally fallen in love with…

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