Shyloo (2011)


Directed by: S Narayan
Starring: Ganesh, Bhama, Suchendra Prasad, Rangayana Raghu, Pankaj

Manja is in jail and remembers his life story starting from childhood. Manja never liked attending school and his father was a gambler in the village. After his mother’s death, Manja was not able to get along with his step-mother and so started working early.

One day while sitting at a tea shop, Manja sees a young girl Shyloo and her mother being thrown out of their house for not paying rent. He feels sorry for them and takes them to live in his village with an old lady who is alone. After this, he and Shyloo become close and he helps them with all their needs. When they grow up it is fixed that the couple will get married but life takes a different direction…