Tagaru (2018)


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Year: 2018

Directed by: Duniya Soori
Starring: Shiva Rajkumar, Dhananjay, Bhavana, Manvitha, Vasishta Simha, Sachidananda, Devaraj, Achyuth Kumar, Sudha Belawadi, Prasanth Siddi. Spl Appearance: Sangeetha Bhat

Daali (Dhananjay) and Chitte (Vasishta) are friends and run a notorious gang. They are famous in the city and young dropouts from college dream of joining their gang. Above them in the underworld is Uncle who controls everything. Chitte and Daali know that to become the No 1 dons, Uncle has to be removed first.

A CM candidate is an old friend of Uncle and his son’s video containing shocking details is obtained by Daali. He blackmails the politician who asks Uncle to help him out. Uncle goes to meet Chitte and Daali but they refuse to hand over the video and say that Uncle only used them for his gains while they did all the hard work. Soon after this, Chitte is found murdered and Daali vows to take revenge on Uncle who he believes is responsible. But shortly after this Uncle is also killed and they realize Tagaru (Shivarajkumar) is responsible. What is Tagarau’s connection with the udnerworld and why is he killing gang members? Tagaru is also seen kidnapping a girl (Manvitha) and taking her in his car. Who is she? All these questions are answered through flashbacks and the rest of the movie.

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