Tharakasura (2018)


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Year: 2018

Directed by: Chandrashekar Bandiyappa
Starring: Vybhav, Manvitha, Danny Sapani, Sadhu Kokila, Kari Subbu, Jai Jagadish

Kalinga is a powerful man who believes he rules over the whole of Karnataka. All deals and tenders are given to him which he gains by his use of political power and muscle power. Anyone who dares to cross his path or cheat him is dealt with brutally. He has now become interested in ‘rice pullers’ which are copper items believed to have the power to attract rice.

Meanwhile, Carbon (Vybhav) has come to Bengaluru city looking for a new life and work. He doesn’t get work anywhere and bumps into Sadhu Kokila one night. The two become friends and Sadhu promises to get him a job. For this, he first buys Carbon new clothes, cuts his hair and beard and also arranges a fake commerce degree certificate using which Carbon gets a job in a garment factory in the accounts department. One day, Carbon sees Manvitha and takes an immediate liking to her when she drops her ID card.

Carbon normally does not try looking for trouble, but when people insult Kannada he goes crazy. He also feels strange vibrations which are related to the community he belongs to but which he has not fully understood.

All these themes come together when Carbon and Kalinga’s path cross each other.

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