Thayige Thakka Maga (2018)


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Directed by: Shashank
Starring: Sumalatha Ambareesh, Ajay Rao, Ashika Ranganath, Sadhu Kokila, Achyuth Kumar, Bhajarangi Loki, Krishna Hebbal, Jahangir

Parvathi (Sumalatha) is a famous lawyer who has brought up her son Mohan Das (Ajay Rao) to never compromise on justice. Even as a youngster when a rowdy manipulated the system to send Mohan’s teacher to jail, the young Mohan attacked the rowdy without fear. Many years later, Mohan runs a karate school where he teaches young children. Parvathi continues to practice as a lawyer and sometimes has to fight her son’s cases because he regularly attacks powerful people who are breaking the law.

One day, Parvathi sees Ashika as she’s crossing the road and immediately likes her as a future daughter- in-law. By a coincidence, Ashika who is a musician performs at a wedding reception of Mohan’s friend where Mohan and Parvathi have taken over the kitchen after kicking out the corrupt cook. Mohan also likes Ashika when he sees her but problems lie ahead after Mohan gets involved with a criminal politician and his son…

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