Ugramm (2014)


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Year: 2014

Directed by: Prashanth Neel
Starring: Srimurali, Haripriya, Tilak Shekar, Atul Kulkarni, Avinash, Jai Jagadish, Padmaja Rao

Shivarudra (Avinash) rules the underworld and is also standing for byelections. 20 years back he had approached a shipping businessman Prabhakar for a deal but Prabhakar refused. Shivarudra killed his wife and was about to kill his daughter Nitya (Haripriya) when Prabhakar agreed for the deal. But instead he later cheated Shivarudra and escaped with his daughter abroad. For 20 years Shivarudra has been trying to locate Prabhakar and he finally finds him living in Australia and finds out Nitya is coming to India to visit. He arranges for her to be kidnapped and killed. Prabhakar gets to know of this and asks his friend in India to help him. He calls Agasthya (Srimurali), a mechanic and a fearless fighter who saves Nithya. This angers Shivarudra and his family and a gang war breaks out. Meanwhile, we get to know of Agasthya’s background and childhood and what his current aim is which forms a parallel story.

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