Veera Parampare (2010)


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Directed by: S Narayan
Starring: Ambareesh, Sudeep, Aindrita Ray, Sharan, Shobaraj

Varade Gowda (Ambareesh) is a do-gooder in his village and is famous and respected by all the farmers for all the good work he has done for the village and for them. He has a few enemies because of this. One of them has been trying to take over land in the village and kidnaps the Tahsildar when he knows the court case will go against him. Varade Gowda comes there and saves the tahsildar and warns his rival to not try these tricks again.

The rival vows revenge and asks one of his local rowdies to kill Varade Gowda. He refuses saying Varade is like a God for them because of the help he has done for everyone. Varade’s rival hires some other rowdies and goes to attack Varade when he is conducting a pooja. The rowdy who refused anticipates this attack and comes there to save Varade. In the fight that happens, he gets killed. He has a young son whom Varade Gowda offers to take care of and tries to send him to school. The boy refuses however saying there is no use learning and helping a few people. He says instead he would rather spend his life protecting Varade Gowda which will benefit hundreds of people instead. Varade is impressed and adopts him as his own son. The boy later grows up to be Sudeep and the two share a deep relationship as they fight all the evil plans in the village together.

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